Connie Barker

Connie Barker

Seat: #2

509 SW 7th Ave
Marietta, OK 73448
Cell: (580) 272-4175
Home: (580) 276-5420

Lineal Descendants:

Chickasaw ancestry:

  • Paternal grandfather – Youkon Riley
  • Paternal great-grandmother – Lillian McClure

Choctaw ancestry:

  • Maternal grandmother – Catherine Wells
  • Maternal great-grandfather – Alfred Wells

Tribal Involvement:

  • Member of the Legislative, Human Resources, Education, Health, and Tribal Historical Preservation committees
  • Has served as Pickens District Legislator since 2008, holding both Secretary and Chairperson positions. 
  • Tribal Co-Chair for the Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee, a national committee dedicated to the treatment and prevention of diabetes in Indian Country. Currently serves as Health Committee Chair and serves on multiple other committees.

Education and Career:

  • Graduate of Murray State College
  • Honor Graduate of the first Leadership Love County Class of 2004
  • Member of the Marietta Public School Board of Education 2004 – Present
  • Member of Love County Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Marietta Lions Club
  • Chairperson of the Love County E-911 District Board
  • Member of the Frontier Day's Committee
  • Board Member of the National Foundation for Women Legislators

Family and Activities:

  • My family members are husband Richard and children Brandon Mathews, Montana Mathews, Nikki Barker and Alise Barker
  • I enjoy reading, gardening, and spending time with family