Linda Briggs

Linda Briggs

Seat: #3

Mailing Address:
400 NW 4th Ave.
Marietta, OK 73448
Cell: (580) 272-7268
Home: (580) 276-3493

Lineal Ancestors

  • Fred Dean, Father
  • Emma Liddell Dean, Mother
  • Minnie Keel Liddell, Maternal Grandmother (4/4 Chickasaw, original enrollee)

Type of Tribal Involvement

  • Representative of Pickens District to the Chickasaw Tribal Legislature 1994-2000; 2001-present
  • Member of Human Resources, Land Development, Education, Election Rules and Regulations Ad Hoc and special Ad Hoc Committees and the Court Development Ad Hoc Subcommittee
  • Member, Chickasaw Utility Authority Board of Directors

I pledge to give my best efforts to provide the most opportunities and benefits for Chickasaws of all ages that our available resources allow.

I choose to serve others to the best of my abilities. In addition to my service to the Chickasaw Nation, I have been mayor of Marietta, Oklahoma for the past four years. I previously served Marietta as city treasurer, two years, and as a member of the school board, eight years. I have served on the Board of Trustees for the First Methodist Church of Marietta for many years and served as the legislative chairperson.